Brett M. Peters

Brett M. Peters is originally from New York.  He graduated from the University of Miami and dual majored in Motion Pictures and Sociology, with a focus in Queer Theory. While at “The U”, Brett successfully produced, shot, animated and edited multiple short films including “Phoenix Rising” and “The Dope Show”, both of which received honors at the university’s annual film festival. Brett also aided his mentor Dr. Adrienne N. Milner in preparing her award-winning dissertation: “Whites’ Racial Attitudes and Support for Equality Before and After the 2008 Presidential Election.” In addition, Brett developed and co-managed the career of DJ King Benjamin, a nationally renowned college performer.

Brett began his career in the entertainment industry working for Kevin Breslin, a prominent filmmaker and location scout for major commercial projects in New York City.  While working with Breslin, Brett managed a number of locations and projects including commercials for New Balance and The New York Lottery.

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