Jordan D. Katnik

Katnik has worked for Universal Studios, The WB Network, Twentieth Century Fox, the TV hit show House under Executive Producer Katie Jacobs (Gideon’s Crossing), for Executive Producer Barry Josephson (Enchanted, Men in Black, Bones) and Universal Pictures Chairman Stacey Snider (The Lovely Bones, A Single Man).

In 2008 Katnik helped found Hypomania Content with President Brian Pines as Director of Creative Affairs. He went on to be Executive in Charge of Production on The Pre-Game Meal with Shannon Allen on Comcast Sports and the web series How’s My Driving for Sony. The following year Katnik and his producing partner Bryan J. Raber formed Banyan Tree Productions and created a partnership with Hypomania Content.

Focused on TV and Film, Banyan Tree Productions has since produced a range of projects including three features, a comedy pilot, numerous music videos and a sci-fi short currently in post production. Partnering in 2010 with Executive Producer Michael M. Robin (The Closer, Nip/Tuck), Banyan Tree has been in active production on a multi-year documentary that explores President Obama’s Promise Neighborhoods Initiative and exposes the relationship between crime and poverty to poor education.

Raber is currently co-producing the cable hits Dallas for TNT and Longmire for A&E while Katnik produces Dan Savage’s weekly web series AMERICAN SAVAGE for TakePart TV.

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